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Flaherty Ranch Breeding Program


Flaherty Ranch Breeding ProgramA FULL SERVICE FACILITY

Over the past twenty years, Flaherty Ranch has a greater than 95 % pregnancy rate on the farm. We attribute this success to our carefully supervised stallion and mare management. Our combined 20 plus years of breeding coupled with the use of outside expert help allows us to reach our goal of managing the stallion and mare to their maximum effectiveness for the best pregnancy results.


Flaherty Ranch is located on the banks of the Little Spokane River with a sister operation in Grangeville, Idaho. We designate special areas for all mares coming to the ranch for breeding with outside individual pens, combined paddocks and inside box stalls. In the spring after the breeding season is complete the mares/foals, two year olds, and yearlings are all relocated to the 450-acre ranch in Idaho which allows lots of room for the herd to be on pasture.Flaherty Ranch Breeding Program




The collection, evaluation and cooling of semen is routine practice at Flaherty Ranch. Considerable technology and skill is required to properly collect, evaluate, extend and prepare the semen for transport. At Flaherty Ranch, we work to achieve maximum longevity and optimal preparation of the semen. Mares that are receiving semen can be palpated on a daily basis to determine the optimum breeding date.


Flaherty Ranch is proud to utilize the services of Jed McKinlay, DVM of McKinlay & Peters Equine Services. Dr. McKinlay is a renowned Equine Reproductive specialist and responsible for our successful 95% conception rate. From performing palpations to flushing mares for embryo transfers, Dr. McKinlay brings a level of service and dedication unparalleled in equine reproduction. Located a few miles from Flaherty Ranch, McKinlay & Peters Equine Services boasts a full and state of the art surgical facility with 24-hour veterinary service.


Because we ride what we breed, there is great care in the feeding of our mares, weanlings and yearlings. The value of our feed is emphasized with nutritionally tested alfalfa hay grown here in the northwest as well as LMF complete grain. We believe strongly in our pasture program at Grangeville as the horses are allowed to graze 24-hours a day and have plenty of room to run.


Flaherty Ranch
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